If you are a Woman…

Today, International Women’s day, congratulations to all the powerful women out there. It makes me think, if being a women still influence a decision during the hiring process for the job. I try to think that now, in the 2017 is not a factor but let me take a step back.

Thinking of myself, I’m a organized, responsible, honest, passionate, with high standard of values and morals without no mentioning smart. And not to be arrogant but I have those qualities and if no one tells me this, who will do it. So I have to do it and you should do it too.

In the world ouimagestside of work, those qualities are amazing. But, for my personal experience sometimes, people associate them different in the work life world. If a woman is organized, is associated to be a control freak; if the woman is responsible, is associated to be a show up; if the woman is honest, is associated to be a bitch and the one that irritates me the most is if the woman is passionate, is associated to be too emotional. Like some say or whisper or think: “she may cry”.

37538177-Cartoon-Multitasking-Hausfrau-Lizenzfreie-BilderThis way of thinking can influence a hiring manager of not choosing a woman for a role. This has to change and not being a influence to get a job or advance in your career. We are organized because we do many things during the day, like taking care of the house, kids, family, gym, cooking, groceries, personal care, beyond our job. We are responsible because we don’t want to miss any detail of our agendas and we like to do things right at the first time. We are honest, because we want the best of you. And we are passionate because we care about you.

One thing that I have learn in life is to be yourself regardless what other may think or associate you. I know that is hard to change the world, to change the perception of others. The only thing that we can do, is to do it better and demonstrate that they are wrong. Don’t let anyone tells you that you can’t, because the true is that they are afraid of the amazing things you are capable to achieve and exceed. POWER WOMEN!!!



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