Looking at the Odds I have a Chance, I think?

As I mentioned in my previous post, a list of new resolutions are born at new year day. Which my list of resolutions includes loosing weight, stay healthy, travel more, advancing in my career or finding a better job, remodel my house, etc… But as usual, every year I failed to accomplish them, including advancing in my career or finding a better job.

But this is year I was determine that I want to advance in my career, that I will not accept a NO for an answer. Different from other years, I did a little research before to understand my chances to get a job, how is the competition out there and how the job market is moving, job openings and unemployment rate. With this information will give me an idea of how hard or easy was going to be get a better job, how the job hunting was going to be.

I looked at the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States Department of Labor by the month of December 2016 and the unemployment rate is 4.7* in the nation. While the unemployed person per job opening rate was at 1.4*. When you look at the data, the unemployment rate are at the lowest levels as back in 2007.

Unemployment Chart

For my surprise, this numbers mean are low for what I was expecting. That it is not much competition out there looking for a job and the job openings remain posted for longer time. I should have good probability to get a better job and with good benefits.

Based on the rates and numbers, I have a good opportunity to find a good job, a great job, the job of my dreams.

So, let’s start the hunt!!!


* Note: Data is public and is available for your view, I listed the references and link to the websites that I used during my research:


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