Resume update: Easy, Set… WAIT!!!

One important element in the job hunting journey and is key is having the perfect resume. The right length, words, format, experience, skills, education, etc… which I thought that I had a decent, competitive one.

With all the new job search engines and applications that are out there, you need to have the right resume to impress the recruiter in a glimpse of a second and decide to reach out to me. So when I did a little search in the web, I found out thaResume imaget I was WRONG!!!

My resume was not only out dated but was also not in the right format, incorrect words, sequence, even the proper contact information was incorrect.I decided to update my resume information, format, skills that I acquired with time. I thought it was going to be easy, just an updated of my recent experience, skills.

I didn’t know that I shouldn’t create a generic one, that I have to create different resume for the different type of positions and/or companies that I was interested to apply. This was becoming to hard of what I was expecting.

First, there are different resume formats to choose: chronological, functional, targeted or combination. Do I choose a chronological order, from ascend or descend, or a functional, group my experience by function, or targeted, based on my skills and experience that match the position, or just use a combination of all of the above!!!

Just to choose the format gave me my first headache. I felt frustrated, incompetent, overwhelm. But that was not the only frustration, then comes what is the type of resume based on the level of experience, how many years of experience I have and the years of experience that was required for the position. Yes, that also has an impact!!!

There are several type of resume, for an entry level, profesional, mid-career, specialized, management or executive level. Each of them are unique and uses different format and organize the information in different ways. The sintaxis, words and verbs used, it’s also important!!!

writing-planAnd I have not mentioned anything related to the actual meat of the resume which I thought that was my experience, accomplishments, skills, education, references, certifications, etc… I have only mentioned resume view, presentations, how it’s going to look like.

And for all of you that know how to work in Words, you will know the pain that is formatting a document.

So why I decided…. HELP!!!!!! I NEED HELP!!!!


* Note: Resume information is public and is available for your view, I listed the references and link to the websites that I used during my research:


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